What prepaid card solution is right for my company?

Whether you are looking to offer a rebate, incentive, reloadable or gift card solution, PCS works with you to design a branded card program that fits your company's needs and goals.  Once a campaign has been developed with your dedicated Account Manager, PCS pools and manages all of the necessary resources to make your program a reality.

We offer an array of open-loop and closed-loop cards, both corporate-funded and consumer-funded models. Most branded card programs are set up to be good anywhere Visa is accepted, but private label cards (gift cards) programs can also be developed where cards are valid at only specified merchants.

PCS offers a distinct expertise in developing and implementing prepaid General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) cards to un-banked and under-banked customer audiences. Our unique approach to creating, marketing and distributing reloadable prepaid cards to our client's customers is unmatched in the industry.  

Working with your dedicated Account Manager the entire process, we ensure your program is customized to your satisfaction, while placing little responsibility on your company's internal resources.  Our goal is a turnkey solution delivered rapidly and accurately.

Popular prepaid card products include:

Reloadable Prepaid Cards
Consumer-funded cards that can be reloaded multiple times
  Funded by cash loads or direct deposit
  Serves as a replacement for credit cards, checking and savings accounts
  Anywhere Visa is accepted

Rebate Cards
Corporate-funded cards used to drive product sales
  More economical to issue than paper checks
  Anywhere Visa is accepted

Reward and Incentive Cards
Both corporate and consumer funded cards
  Used primarily for employee and customer loyalty programs
  Anywhere Visa is accepted

Payroll Cards
Consumer-funded cards via payroll direct deposit
  More economical to issue than paper checks
  Anywhere Visa is accepted

Gift Cards
Consumer-funded cards purchased at store retailers
  Replaced gift certificates as the medium for store credits
  Accepted at a specified merchant (or merchants)
  Often referred to as Private Label; does not bear the Visa logo